interactive installation
animated stamps | projector | microPC

Nemo / Paris (FR) 2009

Baignes Numérique (FR) 2010

Russie! (IT) 2010

Galerie Charlot (FR) 2011

Art Paris (FR) 2011

memo_eng (pdf, )

This installation presents the genuine correspondence of a child with her parents from whom she was separated in Stalinist Russia.  Five authentic letters, written by Marina Kuznetsova while in a Soviet orphanage, unveil the mind of a child growing up in that troubled time.  The visitor witnesses the evolution of the girl growing up in isolation, yet still searching for connection with her mother who had been sent to a gulag.  The installation reveals itself gradually, like forgotten memories slowly coming to light.  Five envelopes, adorned with animated postal stamps, are arranged on a desktop reminiscent of a 1930s-era post office.  On a projection screen before the visitor an elderly woman appears, silent and waiting.  When the visitor opens one of the letters its essence is kindled on the screen and a voice is heard reading it aloud.  The past becomes present, resurrected from the page into an experience of sight and sound.

2023 / Installation
Digital Swamp
2021 / bas-relief triptych
For those who have touched me.
2016 / interactive installation
Center of the Universe
Each of us is at the center of our own life, but when the universe
is infinite does it matter?
2017 / interactive installation
Russian Voodoo
What will you do when you hold a life in your hands?
Cruelty that’s casual is the most disturbing of all.
2016 / light installation
Lonely Planet
The dark side of the light
2021 / multimedia installation
French Spirit
A nation past its prime, dulled by wine, still trying to stay together.
2012 / interactive installation
Each life coalesces in layers and has a story to be told if you can find it.
We make our own memories, ring by ring, until the day comes when we,
too, are uprooted.
2012 / projection-mapping
Back to Black
A playground of patterns, cycling through infinity, that needs one human
element among its geometric ones.
2015 / video sculpture
100 Pieces
It’s not too difficult to generate the generic: just follow the recipe,
sprinkle a bit of this or that, and you can cook up whatever
you want.
2008 / interactive installation
Russia, 1939. A state run by terror. A population in despair.
But even in darkness threads of light are visible, in paper and ink.
2015 / videosculpture
A cycle of construction and deconstruction, repeating ad infinitum,
that produces towers like melodies in a set of musical variations.
2013 / interactive relief sculpture
Final Journey
With a single touch comes release—slip through the final border and unburden yourself forever.
2012 / interactive installation
A voyeur’s fantasy shimmers into view, but to be a witness here you must also be a culprit.
A true hands-on experience…
2010 / video
War and Peace 360
Never-before-seen footage of an epic, visualized and shot by Tolstoy himself!!!
2013 / video-mapping
No fowl play here… just a little rustic charm pecking in the urban grit.
2016 / Interactive installation
Survival of the Fittest
Just because you climb the corporate ladder from the inside,
instead of scaling the walls from without, doesn’t mean
you’re any less of a beast.
2015 / videosculpture
Cycle of Revenge
Push past silent comfort zones and playfulness unravels into cruelty.
Payback takes on a life of its own, ceaselessly feeding upon itself.
2016 / interactive installation
An on-demand audience you can wear any time.